What and Why?

            I am told I should have an “Artist Statement”. I thought that is why I painted. I am not the only creative individual to say, “this is what I am meant to do, my purpose, a drive since birth”, but it is, I feel it head and heart. As far back as I can remember I have been creating in some form or another though I do not remember learning, only knowing.


            Painting and Illustration are what I like best.


            The images I put forth are birthed from imagination, flashes of pictorial information, which I mentally chew on and spit out. For the most part they are depictions of love and loss, desperation and triumph, sacrifice and betrayal, the nonsensical power games humans play with each other and themselves, or simply random thoughts and doodles.


            For those of you with an opinion swayed by more than what you see I give this information. I was born in Pennsylvania. I went to the Institute of Art and Design in Pittsburgh. Since then I have lived and traveled many places and done many things. I currently live in North East, MD. I work as an Exhibit Designer. If this is not enough, ask me, I will tell you what you want to hear.

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